With the advent of digital broadcasting via the Internet, you can find a growing number of investment-related programs. However, they vary in quality and content. Here are two excellent broadcasts available in MP3 format.

The Wise Investor Program hosted by Randy Beeman of the Wise Investor Group (affiliated with Robert W. Baird & Co.) airs on WMAL (630 AM) each Sunday in the D.C. area. This program, started by Ric Malone, has been broadcast for 17 years in the D.C. area. It follows a value oriented approach to building a portfolio. You can download the program in MP3 format from the WMAL website the day after regular broadcast. A mid-week program in MP3 format is available at the Baird & Co. website.

Your Money with Chuck Jaffe is another excellent investment program. He broadcasts and records a daily one-hour radio program. He interviews a wide range of interesting guests who discuss stocks, mutual funds, and personal financial planning. MarketWatch posts an edited 30-minute version of the radio show. From both technical and content perspectives, this is a high quality broadcast. You can also use Apple iTunes to download the MarketWatch version. The full one-hour program can be found on Chuck Jaffe’s website, http://www.yourmoneyradio.net.

If you download the free Apple iTunes software, you will discover hundreds of interesting podcasts on a wide range of topics (besides investing). Install iTunes on your PC and get an MP3 player. Your walking, exercising, and driving around town will take on a new dimension.

While the iTunes program was designed for the iPod, you still can use it to download and organize podcasts for use with any MP3 players. (Both Mac and PC versions of iTunes are available.) It won’t automatically sync with a non-iPod player but the work around is easy, just manually drop and drag the files to your MP3 player. It you have an iPod, it is seemless.