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Investing Podcasts

Learning about investing is a continuous process. There are several radio programs that are available in digital (MP3) format. These “podcasts” can be downloaded and played at your convenience through a computer or with an MP3 player. Here are several excellent programs.

The Wise Investor Show has been broadcast in the Washington, DC, area for 17 years. The program advocates a conservative, value-oriented approach to investing. The program is always informative and educational. The weekly program can be downloaded from the website. Currently, the program is only archived one week at a time, with the Sunday program becoming available on Monday. The program lasts about 2 hours.

Paul Douglas Boyer, who happens to live near here in Vienna, Virginia, has a blog and a podcast that discusses fun investment topics and reviews the Mad Money recommendations of guru Jim Cramer. His weekly podcast last about 30 minutes and is entertaining and well produced. The program advocates an asset allocation strategy. Both podcasts and model portfolios can be found on the Mad Money website.

Jim Cramer is interesting, educational, and, at times, controversial. He has a daily radio program that lasts about 30 minutes. Podcasts for the radio program can be found on the website. He advocates a trading approach with a small percentage of a portfolio. While his near term trading philosophy differs significantly from an NAIC-approach, he often offers interesting and insightful perspectives. His book Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World is well worth reading.

It is easy to become a fan of podcasts. You can find podcasts on many different subjects, not just investing. They allow time shifting. With an inexpensive MP3 player, you can listen to a podcast in the car, while walking, or while exercising. Apple offers a free program called iTunes. It includes a link to a podcast directory maintained by Apple. It can be configured to manage your podcasts by automatically downloading new programs and deleting old ones.

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