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FactSet Research Sys (FDS)

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FactSet Research Systems5/7/2007: The SSG has been updated. FDS has been a winner. However, its run-up in price has reduced projected average return (PAR) to about 6%.  If PAR falls any lower, it might be candiate for replacement.  ValueLine rates its financial strength B++ and earnings predictability 100. Morningstar rates it three stars. See stock selection guide.

4/23/2005: This is an update of the SSG for FactSet Research Systems. FDS is a buy. Here is the stock selection guide from 4/23/2005

The May edition of Investor Advisory Service reports “FactSet Research Systems reported another strong quarter, but gave investors some pause based on growth in accounts receivables. Revenue grew 24.6% and EPS grew 17%, to $0.34, for the second quarter ended February 28, 2005. EPS would have grown 26% had it not been for one-time recognition of state tax credits which added $0.02 to last year´s second quarter. However, investors are concerned with an increase in accounts receivable of $14.1 million during the second quarter caused by a change to a new subscription system, a new broker-dealer arrangement with Goldman Sachs, and additional receivables from the JCF acquisition. The company notes that much of the receivable growth was during the latter part of the quarter and expects growth in receivables to return to reasonable levels as the year progresses. FDS (30.65) is a buy up to 34.”

Company Description: FactSet Research Systems, Inc. supplies financial and economic data to the global investment community. The company combines more than 200 databases, i

ncluding data from tens of thousands of companies, as well as multiple stock markets, research firms and governments, into a single online source of information and analytics. FactSet Research Systems acquires financial information from over 50 database suppliers. Has about 810 employees; 9,900 shareholders. Officers and directors own 36.3% of common stock. (11/03 proxy). Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Philip A. Hadley. President: Michael F. DiChristina. Inc.: Delaware. Address: One Greenwich Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830. Telephone: 203-863-1500. Internet:

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